Many criminal offenses usually carry serious penalties including fines or even a prison term. Making sure you have the right criminal defense attorney on your team is important. When you're facing criminal charges in Michigan and need a lawyer to represent you at trial, look no further than Zoglio Law. With nearly 20 years of criminal defense experience in Eaton County, we will make the process as easy as possible. 

We have been handling criminal cases for many years including handles all serious and minor criminal offenses including, but not limited to the following:

Michigan Drunk Driving Penalties

It's important to understand what the penalties for drunk driving in Michigan are to know what you may be facing.

Michigan Drivers License Appeals

If your license has been revoked, you know the hardship of not being able to legally drive. Don't miss the limited opportunity you have to restore your driving privileges by improperly handling your DAAD hearing.

Drug Possession

In Michigan if you have been charged with drug possession, it's essential to seek out the assistance of a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible to help with protection your future regardless of the charge and surrounding evidence in your case.

Theft Larceny

Common law crimes that involve stealing can be a complicated issue. There are many legal elements to consider, types of stolen property at stake and considerations for the manner by which the belongings were taken.

Probation Violations

If you are convicted or plead guilty to a felony, misdemeanor or ordinance violation, and the court determines that you are not likely again to engage in an offensive or criminal course of conduct, the court may place you on probation under the charge.

Felony Charges

As any felony can potentially expose a defendant to prison, all felonies should be considered serious crimes that require experienced legal counsel.