Michigan Drivers License Appeals

If your Michigan drivers license has been revoked, you know the hardship of not being able to legally drive. Don't miss the limited opportunity you have to restore your driving privileges by improperly handling your DAAD hearing. We represent clients at DLAD hearings on a regular basis. Let our insight and experience guide you through the DLAD process. 

Michigan Driver License & Appeal Division (DLAD)

The most serious licensing action in Michigan is a revocation. A revocation means the termination of an individuals operators license and privilege to operate a motor vehicle. There are numerous ways under Michigan law to trigger a license revocation, however, the most common manner is as a result of repeat drunk driving convictions. Under Michigan law, a person who is convicted of drunk driving twice within a 7 year period has their license revoked for a minimum 1 year period. A subsequent revocation within 7 years of a prior revocation results in a 5 year minimum revocation.

It is important to understand that a revocation is much different from a license suspension. A driver is only eligible to reapply for a license after the minimum revocation period is over. There is no guarantee that the license will be returned after the minimum period of revocation. A suspension is for a definite period of time and carries a 'from' and 'through' date. When the 'through' date is reached, the driver simply has to go to a Secretary of State branch office and pays the reinstatement fee to have their license reinstated.

Habitual Offender License Appeals

After the minimum period of license revocation has expired, the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DLAD notifies the driver that they are eligible to apply for a hearing before a DLAD hearing officer for re-licensure. The application for hearing must be accompanied by certain documentation including community proofs regarding sobriety, a substance abuse evaluation and other documentation to rebut the presumption that the driver will continue to drink and drive. 

Do I Have To Have A Lawyer? 

No, you can chose to present your case on your own behalf. However, we strongly recommend having an attorney represent you. Keep in mind that you can't reapply for a hearing for one full year after losing a DLAD hearing. You want to get it right the first time. In other words, get a lawyer.

DLAD Services We Provide

We walk our clients through the process from beginning to end. If possible, it is best to contact us several months before you are eligible for a hearing so that we can make certain that you are taking the necessary steps to improve your chances at license restoration. Our services include:

  • We provide clients with examples of well-written community proofs
  • We review the clients community proofs and suggest revisions where necessary
  • We put clients in touch with substance abuse professionals who can provide necessary services including substance abuse counseling, substance abuse assessments and support groups
  • We prepare clients for the hearing itself by reviewing their proposed testimony and identifying potential red-flag issues.

Our system of review and preparation has had a great deal of success. We understand the hardships associated with a license revocation and if you can't afford to be without your license it is important to get it right the first time.