Award Recipients

The Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation congratulates the recipients of its 2020 Scholarship Awards:

Nafia Khan, Eastern Michigan University                              Luke Shepherd, Central Michigan University


Elizabeth King, Wayne State University                               Stephanie Nagy, Michigan State University


Alexandra Winegar, Central Michigan University               Abby McConnon, Central Michigan University


The MSHA Foundation (MSHF) congratulates the recipients of its 2019 Scholarship Awards:

Jaimee Blaharksi, Eastern Michigan University
Danae Brownell, Michigan State University

Elizabeth Kaurich, Wayne State University
Brionna Leach, Central Michigan University
Carolyn Mooi, Western Michigan University
Kayla Welker, Central Michigan University

The MSHA Foundation (MSHF) congratulates the recipients of its 2018 Scholarship Awards:

Brian McTaggart and Sarah Kourtjian, Western Michigan University;
Loris Yoon and Nafia Khan, Eastern Michigan University;
Ally Whitman and Claire Hug, Central Michigan University;
Corie Ruiter and Kaleigh Cammenga, Michigan State University;
Vanessa Duri, Kelly Quin, Samantha Kestleloot-Carlton and Marla Wilcox, Wayne State University(who matches); and
Lucy Finkel and Erin Hawkins, Grand Valley State University.

The MSHFoundation congratulates the recipients of its 2017 Scholarship Awards:

Western Michigan University:
Elise Patricia Drager (AUD) and Justin Arik Gripentrog (SLP)
Eastern Michigan University:
Bridget Salvia (SLP) 
Central Michigan University:
Lindsay Bitterman (AUD) and Jordan McCarthy (SLP)
Michigan State University:
Caleb Wilson (SLP) and Gabriella Gilfoy (SLP)
Wayne State University:
Kimberly Brief (SLP),  Katie Stevenson (AUD), Christine Forrest (SLP),  and Claire Miller(AUD)(who has matched funds);  
Grand Valley State University
Kelsey Hines 
MSHF Honorable Mention Awards: 
Sara Acton, M.A., Graduate Student at Eastern Michigan University; and Corynn Marchesi, B.A., Graduate Student at Central Michigan University.

The MSHFoundation acknowledges recipients of its 2016 Scholarship Awards:
Central Michigan University:       
Ellen Foltz (AUD) and Laura Kobylczyk (SLP)               

Eastern Michigan University:            
Arista May (SLP)
Annette Shiley (SLP)

Grand Valley State University:         
Shelby Garbini (SLP)
Julie Marcel (SLP)

Michigan State University:
Alyssa Webster (SLP)
Rachel Nordbeck (SLP)

Wayne State University:        
Angela Piccinato (AUD)
Shelby Swafford (SLP)

Western Michigan University:          
Thomas Beebe (AUD)
Karen Muraswski (SLP)

The MSHFoundation would like to acknowledge the recipients of its 2015 Scholarship Awards:

Blaire Brown (SLP), Samantha  Kliman (SLP),  Lauren Kassa (AUD) and Lisa DeHondt (AUD) Wayne State University (Wayne State matches these funds)
Kaitlyn  Marie Ayres (SLP) and Bridget Marie Molnar (SLP), Michigan State University
Jaclyn Rowlett (AUD) and Erin Thomas (SLP), Central Michigan University 
Caitlin Montague (SLP),  Grand Valley State University; Tess Donner (SLP) and Travis Stehouwer, (AUD) Western Michigan University
Caren Gorga (SLP), Eastern Michigan University

MSHFoundation 2014 Scholarship Recipients:

Allison Farat, Wayne State University (SLP); Zachary Zells, Wayne State University (AUD); Sarah Hunter, Wayne State University (SLP); Mary Kassa, Wayne State University (AUD)
Dana Flowerday, Michigan State University (SLP); Anna Hardenbergh, Michigan State University (SLP)
Adam Gray, Grand Valley State University (SLP); Justine Koglin, Grand Valley State University (SLP)
Alissa Haan, Western Michigan University (AUD); Ann Lamons, Western Michigan University (SLP)
Angela Jouel Truesdell-Smith, Eastern Michigan University (SLP)
Stefanie Gainor (AUD) and Amanda Bruski ( SLP), Central Michigan University

These awards are made possible by the donations you make to the MSHFoundation.  Please consider a donation to the MSHF as a gift to someone important in your life, as a memorial to someone who has passed away, or simply as a gesture of stewardship for the future.  To make a tax-deductible contribution please contact Derek Daniels, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, MSHF Treasurer, at the MSHA office at