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Mothers of North Arlington is a local support and social group for mothers who reside in Arlington, Virginia, north of Route 50.

North Arlington Map A 501(c)(7) non profit organization, established in 2001, MONA is an inclusive community that welcomes and supports all forms of motherhood. We believe that the principal reason for members to come together is their desire to seek out mothers with a common concern for raising children in the best possible and most healthful way. In doing so, we build a strong network and long-lasting friendships.

We have an active calendar of free and subsidized events - including member socials, family outings, adult outings, ticketed shows, speakers, workshops, specials events, spring and fall school fairs, and much more.

Our 2,400+ member private online community is where you will find a wealth of advice and support, including exclusive members-only offers and discounts and invites to special events. A separate private online marketplace enables members to exchange goods and services with other members in a safe environment.

MONA provides support and advice to expectant moms, new moms, moms of kids with special needs and enables a variety of special interest groups to get together. We believe in providing a platform for our moms to forge a community, build support systems and share knowledge.

MONA's goal is to support its members through every stage of motherhood - from child birth to adulthood. We provide something for everyone.

Want to know more? Come see us at our monthly social on the second Saturday of each month - 11am at Ballston Quarter.


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