Worker's Comp Trust

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The New Mexico Contractors Comp Trust Self-Insurance Fund is a service sponsored by AGC New Mexico, and is a separate not-for-profit organized and established under the laws of the State of New Mexico.  The Trust was created to provide care for our members’ work-related injuries, safety and loss control services, OSHA inspection assistance, employee safety training, comprehensive recordkeeping and more.

All Worker’s Comp Trust services are designed to assist participants in controlling work-related accidents and providing a long-term, stable solution to quality workers’ compensation coverage.

When losses are reduced, company costs are reduced. Because the NM Contractors Comp Trust is owned by its participants, they share in the monies not allocated to losses or operational expenses.

"Proactive safety practices and effective risk management remain at the core of our business model and culture.  That's what we seek in our participation with the New Mexico Contractors Comp Trust, too.  The ability to control costs and reduce exposure through self-insured work comp features like claims buy-back helps us competitively and with our bottom line."

                                                   - Dub Girand, Highway Supply LLC

The benefits that this Worker’s Comp Trust provides are a result of our specialization, focus and understanding of the unique needs of the participants. Some of these benefits are:

The NM Contractors Comp Trust has proven that focusing on superior safety practices drives down the frequency of losses and their associated costs. These loss control programs are available to each and every participant, and are instrumental in creating safer working environments.

  • Lower costs from efficiencies in localized claims’ handling operations
  • Stabilized premiums
  • “Buy Back” options that could lower experience modifiers
  • High quality, specialized safety and loss control programs
  • Participatory and pro-active claims management to help your injured employees
  • Unique safety incentive program

The NM Contractors Comp Trust has partnered with Adjusting Alternatives as a Third Party Administrator. A local workers’ compensation TPA, they are keenly aware of the special needs of associations and their members and were selected for their responsiveness, customized solutions and personalized services.

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