The Small Multifamily Owners Association is engaged in advocacy on behalf of small rental property owners in the District of Columbia. Our objective is to reverse the trend of legislation and regulatory action that harms small property owners and adversely impacts the District’s workforce housing inventory.
D.C. TOPA – The D.C. Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) must be reformed. The law as currently written is abused and routinely results in excessive delays and costs for buyers and small property owners. TOPA harms the ability of small and minority investors to acquire property in DC.  It significantly impacts the profit margins of small investors in an adverse manner.

Rent Control – Rent control adversely impacts small landlords. It must be reformed so that it does not act as a deterrent and disincentive to develop rental housing. Rent Control can expedite the deterioration of existing housing stock by depressing the financial incentives of landlords to make improvements. While done under the guise of preserving affordable housing, rent control policies can hurt the very community they purport to help by limiting accessibility and affordability. 

Regulation Reform -  D.C. Landlord and Tenant laws, mandatory inspection requirements, and overly burdensome regulation significantly impact the cost of operating the small multifamily property. Regulatory reform is needed to end unnecessary and severe financial hardships on small multifamily owners.

Affordable Housing  - There is a shortage of affordable housing. Our local governments can use a number of tools, besides tax increases, to meet the growing demand for rental housing. They can streamline and fast- track the entitlement and approval process; provide density bonuses and other incentives for developers to include workforce units in their properties; enable “by-right” zoning and create more fully entitled parcels; defer taxes and other fees for a set period of time; lower construction costs by contributing underutilized buildings and raw land.


August 2020 -

September 2020


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