The Knights of Peter Claver and the St. Peter Claver Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of our donors.

We maintain a high level of confidentiality concerning our donors. Our staff has been trained in the handling and protection of personal information. Oversight of these matters is strict. Our staff understands that improper disclosure of personal data is a serious matter. If we ask an outside company to help us with our charitable solicitation and collection activities, we require it to adhere to the same standards as we do.

Unless you have given us written permission, no affiliates or third-party non-affiliates will have access to your donor records, other than as necessary to assist us in administering our charitable activities. We never sell lists of the names and addresses of our donors to any vendor of goods or services, or to a vendor involved in charitable solicitation activities.

Access to your records is limited to: (1) our employees who are working with your charitable donation, and (2) employees of organizations which are under contract with us and which adhere to our standards.

While personal information related to you as a donor will not be disclosed, except as stated above, if you are a member of the The Knights of Peter Claver and the St. Peter Claver Foundation, we may share your identifying membership information, such as name and address, telephone number and age, with non-profit organizations, to inform you of opportunities that may be of interest to you. We may also share this information with companies working for these nonprofit organizations. We require that these non-proft organizations and the companies working for them comply with our privacy policy.