Two Options for SDMBA Membership:

1.  Become a SDMBA Local Supporter:  

100% of your $35 donation will stay in San Diego to help our local trails and projects.  

Click HERE to donate to SDMBA
2.  Become a dual member of SDMBA and the International Mountain Bicycling Association: 
Be a part of a movement that builds and protects great mountain biking experiences. 
This link will take you to the SDMBA/IMBA membership form. Basic annual membership is $39.  Remember add “” and “” as accepted domains to your spam filters so you do not miss any communications.  Member's receive an IMBA membership packet and a "thank you letter" via email.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • All the benefits of IMBA membership.
  • You will enjoy the following SDMBA benefits:
    • Weekly TrailNews E-mail keeping you informed of mountain bike-related issues and events in San Diego County and California.
    • Access to SDMBA member-only events, photo contests , and member-only rides.
    • Notice of important public meetings and comment periods.
    • Discounts and/or Membership Perks at participating SDMBA sponsors.
    • The knowledge that you are helping to create new riding opportunities in San Diego and educate new mountain bikers.
If you have any questions regarding SDMBA membership, please email